Italy, a Mediterranean jewel, is a sailing destination which would not disappoint even those with the highest expectations. Home to the greatest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Italy is a tourist capital of the world. Sailing is the best possible way to explore this gorgeous country, as you can simply land in the most beautiful spots and avoid the crowds which are common. We sail to Puglia, Croatia, Greek Ionian Islands and Sicily.

Corfù and the Ionian Islands

Sailing among the Greek islands is one of the most exciting things that you can experience. Driven by the light north-western wind we’ll sail on the clear waters, surrounded by landscapes of colorful and fragrant maquis, retracing the routes of the mythical Ulysses. We will touch the islands of Corfu, Paxos, Anti-Paxos, Parga and Meganisi immersed in an unspoiled marine world, which is the ideal habitat for dolphins, loggerhead turtles and monk seals.

It’s the Ionian island situated more to the north and is known for being the last stop on the journey of Odysseus to Ithaca. Corfu is a green island with a mild climate, the coast offers a true paradise for lovers of sandy beaches, although there are beautiful bays ideal for snorkeling. Here you can unite the sailing holiday with entertainment and nightlife.

These natural pools with crystal clear waters, sea caves, natural bridges and spectacular beaches are two gems of the Ionian Sea. Very characteristic is Port Gaios on the island of Paxos, a colorful and lively village built along a canal that has formed naturally by the proximity of the two islands that looks like a deep fjord and therefore creates incredible atmosphere.